Transport & Tourism

The Transport & Tourism Committee is one of the busiest committees in the European Parliament.  The work of the Committee has an impact on everyone in the UK, Europe and, in many cases, has an important global dimension.
The portfolio encompasses Aviation, Maritime, Road and Rail.  Decisions made by the Transport & Tourism Committee will frequently impact on the entire supply chain.

The Committee is a legislative Committee which operates under the co-decision procedure.  It's role is to formulate transport policies across the Member States.
Transport is vitally important, not only in delivering goods and services for industry and commerce, but also in moving people from 'A to B'. 

Jacqueline, as the Conservative Party's Spokesman on this Committee, works hard to ensure that the views of British transport users come first.  At the same time, Jacqueline liases with transport associations and organisations, often representing a diverse range of companies and businesses, employing many thousands of people, to ensure that the impact of any EU proposals on jobs and costs do not have a negative impact.