North West Conservative Clubs

Jacqueline is proud to be President of the North West Clubs, following the retirement of former Congleton MP, Lady Ann Winterton.  As well as keeping in touch with the region's 200 or so Conservative Clubs throughout the year, Jacqueline also attends the Annual Clubs Weekend in Kendal and works closely with the Chairman of the North West Clubs, Cllr John Hudson.

Some of the most popular Conservative Clubs with the strongest membership are to be found in the safest Labour seats.

The title of a local Club could either be Conservative, Constitutional, Salisbury, Beaconsfield or Unionist, or any combination of these titles, but these Clubs all have one thing in common - they are members of the Association of Conservative Clubs, and share similar objects in promoting Conservatism and providing social and sporting venues for their members.

If you wish to join a Conservative Club or find out more about the A.C.C. then please contact the Club Secretary, Phillip Smith CBE on 0207 222 0843 or or you may wish to call in to your local club instead.