Jacqueline joins Conservative Voice

North West Conservative MEP Jacqueline Foster is the latest supporter to join Conservative Voice.  Jacqueline joins Dan Hannan MEP, as well as MPs including Liam Fox, David Davis and Priti Patel.

This new right-of-centre organisation has been set up to promote free market economics, while standing up for the UK  and the British way of life, with a foreign policy that protects Britain's standing in the world, keeps our borders safe with effective immigration controls, and taking a firm but fair approach to law and order.

Don Porter CBE, former Chairman of the Conservative Party's National Convention, founded Conservative Voice with Brian Hamill. 

Don said: "I am delighted someone with so much energy, talent and experience as Jacqueline Foster has joined Conservative Voice, which also includes many Conservative members of the cabinet.  I have known Jacqueline for many years and know her to be a sound and committed Conservative."

Conservative Voice believes that Britain should take full advantage of the economic opportunities from Latin America to Asia, to boost growth and jobs at home. This should include a fair and transparent relationship with the European Union, reflecting the public's support for Britain as a sovereign nation state.

Jacqueline added: "As a Conservative, through good times and bad, I know it is our core values and beliefs that have sustained our Party in the past and will bring us political success and our country economic prosperity in the future.  I am proud to be a supporter of Conservative Voice."

Visit www.conservativevoice.co.uk or follow on Twitter @Con_Voice