Jacqueline Foster MEP addresses Greater Manchester Conservatives

"I am confident there will be a Brexit deal!" Jacqueline Foster MEP's message to Greater Manchester Conservatives

Conservative MEP for the North West of England, Jacqueline Foster, once again supported the third annual Greater Manchester Conseratives' Area Conference in Bolton on Saturday 1st September 2018.

Commenting after the event, Jacqueline said:

"It was fantastic to be with so many of our activists and supporters from the Greater Manchester area. My message to the team was simple: I am confident there will be a Brexit deal! Our responsibility as a Party is to continue to be optimistic and upbeat for the future and support our Government as it seeks a deal in our national interest. As Deputy Leader of the Conservative MEPs and through my role on the European Parliament's Transport and Tourism Committee, I've been playing my part as best I can to do just that.

"In my closing remarks I was able to thank so many friends and colleagues for their fabulous support over many years. It has been my privilege to represent the North West and stand up for British interests in Europe during this time."