The general election choice is clear: only the Conservatives will deliver strong and stable leadership!

The formal start of the general election campaign has been triggered today.

Commenting, Jacqueline Foster MEP said:

"Today our Prime Minister, Theresa May, visited Her Majesty The Queen to mark the dissolution of Parliament for the general election campaign. There is a huge amount at stake on Thursday 8th June:

  • Every vote for Theresa May and local Conservative candidates at the election will strengthen our country's negotiating hand for Brexit.
  • Every vote for another candidate means Jeremy Corbyn's position is strengthened and increases the risk of putting him in Downing Street negotiating Brexit.

I have very much welcomed Theresa May's decision to call a general election which gives an opportunity to back her position and determination to secure the best possible Brexit outcome. It is simply not worth taking the risk of waking up on 9th June to Jeremy Corbyn in charge of Brexit and our country's economic security.

The message is simple:

The only way to be sure of strong and stable leadership through Brexit and beyond is by voting for Theresa May and her local Conservative candidate on 8th June. I strongly urge you to do so!"

You can watch the Conservative Party's latest election broadcast by clicking on the link below: