Foster: “We need a single Global Aviation Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).”

Conservative Transport Spokesman Jacqueline Foster MEP gained overwhelming support from the European Parliament’s Transport Committee to ‘Stop the Clock’ and find a way forward to introduce a groundbreaking single Global Aviation Emissions Trading Scheme (CORSIA) Carbon Offsetting & Reduction Scheme for International Aviation.

Currently, the EU operates an aviation ETS for internal flights, but abandoned attempts to include flights to and from the EU following unprecedented international opposition some years ago, which resulted in a negative impact on our key export markets around the world for our aerospace manufacturers. Mrs Foster, an aviation specialist, has gained support for the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) to finalise this new global scheme.

Commenting on the outcome of the Transport Committee meeting, Jacqueline Foster MEP said:

“We need a single GMBM, and it is imperative that the EU allow the time for the groundbreaking ICAO discussions to be concluded. Constructive talks are already underway, and it is vital that countries such as the USA, China, India and others are included, as they are major players in this field.”

“Although the US has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement, the fact is that this does not preclude it from being part of this Global Scheme, as neither the aviation nor maritime sectors are included in Paris.”

“The scheme must cover not only all international flights to and from the EU, but also all intra-EEA and domestic flights. We need to avoid duplication, excessive bureaucracy and loss of competitiveness in our aviation sector.”

“Nearly seventy countries have voluntarily signed up to the scheme, which between them emit approximately 85% of aviation CO2 emissions worldwide.”

“It is vital that Member States ringfence the revenues for key R&D projects which are directly linked to a cleaner, greener, more efficient, cost-effective aviation sector, allowing all of us across Europe to compete globally, and offering great consumer choice and value for money.”

The report also called for the revenues accrued from CORSIA to be invested in research and development, funding schemes such as SES and Clean Sky I and 2 JTI (Joint Technology Initiatives), which has collectively invested around €6billion so far.