Deputy Leader of the Conservative MEPs reacts to the General Election

"Our country needs continuity and certainty at this time!" says Jacqueline Foster MEP

Commenting on the result of the General Election on Thursday 8th June  2017, Jacqueline Foster MEP said:

"There is no question that Theresa May should remain as our Leader and Prime Minister. I am delighted by the re-appointment of our senior and experienced Cabinet Ministers in Philip Hammond as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary, David Davis as Brexit Secretary and Amber Rudd as Home Secretary and that Gavin Barwell joins Downing Street as the new Chief of Staff. A very strong team supporting the Prime Minister. Continuity and certainty matters at this time!

"I also welcome the agreement of our new working relationship with our friends in the Democratic Unionist Party. We now need a period of calm. There are huge challenges ahead - not least in Brussels - and I am very confident that if we pull together we can achieve great things!"

UPDATE: 21 June 2017

You can read the full list of ministerial and government appointments by visiting: