Jacqueline joins Conservative Voice

North West Conservative MEP Jacqueline Foster is the latest supporter to join Conservative Voice.  Jacqueline joins Dan Hannan MEP, as well as MPs including Liam Fox, David Davis and Priti Patel.

Statement on the death of Baroness Thatcher

Following the death of former Prime Minister, Rt Hon The Baroness Thatcher, North West Conservative MEP, Jacqueline Foster said:"This is a very, very sad day.  Margaret Thatcher was a true conviction politician and an inspiration to many around the world.  Her record as the longest-serving Prime Minister of the 20th Century and, of course, the only woman to have held the office, stands head and shoulders above her opponents."

Delivering for the North West

Since the General Election, the Conservative-led Government has invested millions in the North West:

Single European Sky

More than ten years ago I worked on the original Single European Sky legislation (SES). With more than twenty years experience in the aviation industry, I am all too aware of the challenges faced by the sector in a rapidly changing global market. It is important that we strive to support this sector by giving it the best possible tools it needs to compete on a global scale, allowing European air carriers to maintain their market share.

Jacqueline Foster reports back on Conservative Party Conference

I am a big fan of Party Conference.  When I was an Association Officer, it was a key date in the diary and it has been that way ever since - through my campaigns as Parliamentary Candidate in 1992 and 1997 and in the years since I have been a Conservative MEP for the North West. 

Car manufacturing in the North West

Did you know that the UK now exports more cars than we import for the first time since 1976?  This nugget of economic data was lost among the crisis in the Eurozone and the ongoing attempts by Labour to talk down our economy.

Improving transport in the North West

Despite all their talk, and all their taxes, Labour delivered a very poor deal for transport in the North West during their 13 years in power. Too many cities were unable to develop their local transport networks. Important transport hubs were held back and the daily experience for many of the travelling public was unpleasant, difficult and complex.

North West Conservative Clubs

There are more than 220 Conservative Clubs across the North West of England.  Jacqueline was invited to become the President of the North West Clubs, following the retirement of former Congleton MP, Lady Ann Winterton.