Brexit: How do we do it? booklet launched

Brexit: How do we do it?

Jacqueline Foster MEP writes:

"Conservative MEPs have met with the Prime Minister and are working with her and her Ministers to help negotiate a smooth departure from the EU that safeguards Britain’s interests and recognises that we remain friends, allies and trading partners with our European neighbours.

"Conservative MEPs will continue to work hard and participate fully in every aspect of the European Parliament during negotiations, representing their constituents and protecting the interests of the UK whilst seeking support for the UK's position in Brussels amongst colleagues in the European Parliament who will have to vote through the final deal once it has been reached.

"I am delighted to publicise a small booklet entitled, "Brexit: How do we do it?" which aims to contribute to the Brexit procedure by outlining some of the possible options and highlighting the key areas that will need to be negotiated."

Click on the link below to access a pdf of the booklet.

If you would like a hard copy, please email:



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