Animal Welfare

Jacqueline is a leading supporter of improving conditions of animal welfare across the EU and beyond.  Sadly, the high standards of animal welfare that are often found in the UK are not always repeated in some other EU states.  She uses her position as a Vice President of the Animal Welfare Parliament Intergroup to launch campaigns which raise concerns in any areas were she believes animals are being treated inhumanely, whether, for example, in farming, zoos or when being transported.

The Intergroup is the focal point for animal welfare in the European Parliament and provides updates and background information on animal related issues which are being discussed within the Institutions and raises awareness about burning conservation issues which are ongoing at global level.

The Intergroup was one of the first-established and longest running intergroups in the European Parliament. Over the years, it has become not only a forum of debate but also a catalyst for action. It has been at the forefront of new initiatives such as the EU ban on the import and trade of seal products, cat and dog fur from China and many others.  It has also taken the lead on raising awareness about the conditions of animals being transported across the EU.

Recent developments - click on the links to each article for more details

  • October 2016: Jacqueline Foster MEP "I was really glad when Catalonia decided to ban bullfighting; I would like to see the practice outlawed across Spain": Catalonia right to ban bullfighting!