My current work programme as your MEP

Transport affects us all – locally, nationally and, increasingly, internationally.  With the UK economy now growing faster than most of our competitors, and with the exciting plans for the Northern Powerhouse, it is vital that investment in transport meets the needs of our economy.

Transport & Tourism are major employers and Jacqueline is the Conservative Party’s Spokesman in the European Parliament on all issues affecting aviation, maritime, road and rail. In addition, she is also Vice President of the Sky & Space Parliamentary Intergroup, which focuses on manufacturing sectors of the aerospace, space and defence industries.

Since the General Election in June 2017, Conservative MEPs have continued to work hard to oppose and prevent measures from the EU that could restrict growth and damage employment. Although the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, the full implications of this will not take effect immediately. Conservative MEPs will continue to stand up for British interests and work to cut EU red tape that might still have an effect even when we eventually leave.

Our Conservative-led Government is scrapping many of the regulations that add to the costs of transport and Jacqueline meets regularly with senior members of the Government, including the Secretary of State for Transport, the Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling MP, and his ministerial colleagues and works closely on all of these issues.

There are proposals across Europe to upgrade transport links, as part of the 'Trans European Transport Networks'. Jacqueline is arguing for investment to be focussed on helping to tackle transport bottlenecks, ensuring the free movement of goods and travellers, without adding to the budget pressures on national governments.