Private motorists and haulage companies have too often been the easy target for red tape, taxation and over regulation by both the European Commission and the previous Labour Government. Moving goods freely across the UK and Europe is paramount for our economy’s success, and Jacqueline firmly believes in the need to invest in good infrastructure and to fight against protectionist measures which could penalise British hauliers.

Roadworthiness – vehicle testing and lorry inspections

This was a prime example of where the UK won the argument on plans to standardise testing and inspections across Europe. As the lead British Conservative MEP on the issue, Jacqueline was successful in preventing any change to our effective MOT system and any moves to take thousands of classic cars, caravans and tractors off our roads. It was down to her continuous battling that all major concerns were resolved, obtaining the best outcome for UK road users and businesses.


Conservatives fought off the introduction of so-called 60-ton ‘Megatrucks’ on British Roads.  Jacqueline was also successful in securing safeguards allowing higher trucks used between the UK and the Republic of Ireland to continue to move without hindrance, and in shaping safer rules on lorry design which will offer more protection to pedestrians and cyclists.  These rules will be introduced as soon as possible.