Fuel - Sulphur levels

A EU Directive affecting the level of sulphur in marine fuels entered into force in January 2015. Conservative MEPs vehemently opposed this Directive which requires ships arriving in port to switch to fuels with lower sulphur content, an anti-competitive move as it only applied in the North Sea.  Jacqueline has been working with the British shipping industry and other bodies to mitigate the Directive's effects and to create a more realistic timeframe for its introduction.

Inland Waterways

In the UK, 2000 miles of waterways and canals are now seeing the benefits of being run by the Canal & River Trust.  Jacqueline continues to ensure that any EU action on inland waterways does not hinder their success.

Port Services 

Conservatives privatised British ports more than 20 years ago and believe that fairer competition between ports, and not greater regulation, is the best way to increase efficiency across Europe and strengthen the Single Market.  The European Commission has once again attempted to introduce legislation which would undermine the interests of British ports. Jacqueline led the way in amending the Commission’s proposals so that smaller British ports will be exempt from the regulation and that tougher rules will be applied to large state-run continental ports. It is currently being discussed at Member State level. 

International Festival for Business

The importance of our maritime industries was once again recognised at the International Festival for Business in Liverpool which saw more than 30,000 delegates from 100 countries in attendance. The IFB is global marketplace for making connections and doing deals and follows the inaugural event which took place in 2014 and resulted in £280 million of trade and investment deals being done. The event was delivered by Liverpool Vision in partnership with UK Trade and Investment, the government department that helps UK-based companies export and international companies establish and expand in the UK. The event had the full support of former Prime Minister, David Cameron MP who launched the festival in 2014 and former Chancellor, George Osborne who did so in 2016.

A great maritime heritage and exciting future ahead

Britain has a long and proud history as a maritime nation, not least in the North West region which Jacqueline represents. She has built a close working relationship with Mersey Maritime, the representative body for the Maritime Sector in the Liverpool City Region. Jacqueline backs their efforts to work with businesses of all sizes and in all locations to develop strong, market-responsive supply chains and promote Liverpool's maritime industry as a world class centre of excellence.