More than 80% of visitors to the UK arrive by air, approximately 250 million passengers and more than two million tonnes of freight. 


Fuel - Sulphur levelsA EU Directive affecting the level of sulphur in marine fuels entered into force in January 2015. Conservative MEPs vehemently opposed this Directive which requires ships arriving in port to switch to fuels with lower sulphur content, an anti-competitive move as it only applied in the North Sea.  Jacqueline has been working with the British shipping industry and other bodies to mitigate the Directive's effects and to create a more realistic timeframe for its introduction.


RoadPrivate motorists and haulage companies have too often been the easy target for red tape, taxation and over regulation by both the European Commission and the previous Labour Government. Moving goods freely across the UK and Europe is paramount for our economy’s success, and Jacqueline firmly believes in the need to invest in good infrastructure and to fight against protectionist measures which could penalise British hauliers.


TourismJacqueline's portfolio includes this important industry and she is using her position to promote Britain as a tourist destination.Britain is the second biggest employment market for the cruise industry in Europe, contributing billions to the British economy and supporting thousands of jobs including travel and hospitality.