About Jacqueline

On 25th May 2014, Jacqueline was re-elected as Conservative MEP for the North West of England. Jacqueline is the Conservative Spokesman on the Transport & Tourism Committee and is also Deputy Leader of the Conservative MEPs.

In addition, Jacqueline is:

  • Vice President of the Animal Welfare Parliamentary Intergroup;
  • Vice President of the Sky & Space Parliamentary Intergroup;
  • A member of the EU-US Parliamentary Delegation with the United States, and
  • Vice President of the Australia/New Zealand Parliamentary Delegation.

Prior to her being elected to the European Parliament in 1999, Jacqueline worked in the Airline Industry at British Airways for more than 20 years.

During Jacqueline's first mandate (1999-2004), she was a member of the Parliament's Industry Committee, the Parliament Group negotiator on Zimbabwe and also actively supported and liaised with the Foot & Mouth Committee of Enquiry.

During 2004-09, Jacqueline was a Consultant and Advisor in Brussels to the Aviation, Aerospace & Defence industries, representing the interests of major companies in the UK and Europe to ensure that they could continue to compete globally.

Jacqueline was returned to the European Parliament at the 2009 European Election and reappointed Conservative Spokesman on Transport & Tourism.  In 2013, she was elected Deputy Leader of the Conservative MEPs by her colleagues, a position she continues to hold.

She was born and educated in Liverpool and now lives in Oxton Village, Wirral. Her hobbies include golf and skiing and she enjoys exercising her two dogs - rescue dog Lollipop and Joo Joo.

She is a member of the Carlton Club in London, the Royal Aeronautical Society (Brussels Branch) and the European Aviation Club in Brussels.

Jacqueline was the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Peterborough in 1997 and for Newham South, East London in 1992.